Navigating the Phases of Back Pain from Prolonged Sitting: A Roadmap to Relief

In the fast-paced era we live in, prolonged sitting has become an unavoidable aspect of daily life, often resulting in a common adversary: back pain. At Kiran Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinic in Indore, we recognize the intricacies of back discomfort stemming from prolonged sitting and aim to guide you through its various stages.

1. Initial Sensations:

As hours accumulate in a seated position, you may detect the onset of mild discomfort in your lower back. This marks the initial phase, where muscles begin to tense, and subtle shifts occur within the spine.

2. Heightened Strain:

Continued sitting exacerbates the strain. Muscles, especially those in the lower back, may start to throb.

3. Onset of Persistent Pain:

Disregarding the warning signs can lead to persistent back pain. At this juncture, discomfort becomes more pronounced, impacting daily activities. Our clinic specializes in customized treatment strategies, blending chiropractic techniques and physiotherapy to target the underlying issues.

4. Radiation kicks in:

In this stage pain begins to radiate down the legs, you might feel tingling and numbness as well in your legs. This is where you should seek out for experts.

Refuse to let prolonged sitting dictate your quality of life. Seek out Kiran Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinic in indore for personalized solutions, ensuring a life free from discomfort and full of vitality. Invest in your well-being today โ€“ your back will appreciate the care.