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Dr. Sudarshan Joshi

He is a Consultant Physiotherapist at Kiran Osteopathy and Physiotherapy Center, Indore and Dhar. He is also the founder of the B.R.A.W.N Institute; resource person of B.R.A.W.N.

He has completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from Ayushman Paramedical College, Bhopal. He later advanced his knowledge by pursuing Diploma in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (Canada), Diploma in Chiropractic Technique (Sweden), and also in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (Czech Republic).

He is proficient in a variety of advanced adjusting techniques to further address your unique needs as an individual, whether you are suffering from headaches, backaches, neck pain or poor posture. He is a keen observer. It is because of his experience over years, good communication skills, positive attitude towards patients and wide range of techniques and services that enable him to design a personalised care plan that meets one’s needs.

Physiotherapy In Indore
Physiotherapy In Indore

Dr. Neha Vaishnav

Dr.Neha Vaishnav, Consultant physiotherapist at kiran osteopathy and physiotherapy center.she completed her graduation in physiotherapy from shri aurbindo institute of medical sciences, indore(SAIMS).her areas of interest includes acute and chronic pain and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain,neck pain, poor posture etc,she is passionate about keeping her patients active and moving,she is actively involved in assessing each situation carefully.attended various workshop to keep herself updated like tapping, myobalance,she provides both care at clinic as well as home based care.

Dr. Gajendra singh sikarwar

Dr. Gajendra singh sikarwar has completed his post graduation from career college of Physiotherapy, Bhopal.

He has attended various workshops to keep himself updated with the techniques. Workshops in Basic Spine and Peripheral Osteopathy (indore), mulligen concepts (delhi), certified manual therapist (manglore), eclectic Approach in stroke and B.R.A.W.N from Indore.

He is passionate about improving the quality of the patients, gives unbiased advice to the relatives, has good communication skills and also assesses each aspect of the patient’s problem. He is mostly interested in treating Musculoskeletal and neuro related problems, Good experience in post stroke(paralysis) Rehabilitation and helps the patient to regain movements and live a pain free life.

Physiotherapy In Indore
Best Physiotherapist In Indore

Dr. Sanhita Khanwalkar

Meet Dr. Sanhita Khanwalkar, an accomplished physiotherapist specializing in orthopedics and rehabilitation. With a Master’s in Physiotherapy and a Certificate in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT), she brings a wealth of expertise to her practice.

Her commitment to continuous learning led her to obtain certification in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) from the prestigious Prague School of Rehabilitation, enhancing her ability to provide personalized, evidence-based treatments.

Dr. Sanhita Khanwalkar’s skills also include Mobilization with Movement (MWM) and Mulligan Advanced Training Techniques (MATT), enabling her to deliver dynamic therapies and manipulative techniques for optimal patient recovery.

With a compassionate heart and a mind eager for innovation, Dr. Sanhita Khanwalkar creates a patient-centric environment, offering individualized care and comprehensive healing. Her mission is to build a healthier, pain-free world, one step at a time.

Great Words about Kiran Clinic

Why do People Love Us?

Roma Wanchoo
Roma Wanchoo
Well maintained & all the practitioners & staff are awesome. I had approached for my back & neck pain & both did subside. I am highly impressed with what I found in Indore during the times when we all need to work on computers & mobile phone. The neck pain has totally gone. I wish them Good Luck !!
Angel G
Angel G
I have taken five days session, I feel drastic difference in my cervical pain. Doctor and staff really friendly and supportive. Also they are actually working for the patient’s health improvement. I recommend it for all physio related issues.
Aadil Khan
Aadil Khan
Dr. Sudarshan and Dr. Neha treated me very well. I had back pain, neck pain, breathing problems . Now I have found the solution to the problem. I had this problem since 3 years. I am still taking time to recover completely but full credit to Dr. Other Drs are also very good. The nature of the doctors in this clinic is very good
Vivek Kushwah
Vivek Kushwah
This place is great I got relief . Good part was doctor listen to the patient and according to the patient problem he medicate it.
pooja mundada
pooja mundada
With an on desk job, I have been suffering from neck, shoulder and mid-back pain terribly for the past 5-6 months. So much so that I needed a shoulder massage everyday to fall asleep. It compromised the quality of my life and it wasn’t okay for a mid-20 human! Two days at the Kiran’s clinic and I can sit, move, walk and sleep easier! My neck and shoulder feels so much better. The diagnosis and the treatment they give here is bang on, they know what they are doing and you will be in safe hands here! If a simple treatment from them with exercises to be done from our end can reverse a condition and improve the quality of our lives in a short span, we would only be fooling ourselves visiting allopaths and popping pills all our lives in hope of a miracle. If you are suffering from any bodily pain, this is the place. Dr. Sudarshan, Kamakshi and the team are humble and perfect care-givers! Thankyou so much Kiran’s clinic for changing my perspective about medication and healing.
anand Rai
anand Rai
My experience with Kiran physiotherapist clinic and its skilled staff is highly satisfying. The doctors were kind, cooperative and understanding. Dr. Joshi – Thank you for your guidance and service. I have almost recovered from my back pain in L4 and L5 thanks to right diagnosis and therapy shared by them. Highly recommended.
CA Praveen Khatod - Alpha Academy
CA Praveen Khatod – Alpha Academy
One of the best physiotherapy centre in Indore. I had chronic pain in my shoulder due to gym injury & feel very relieved with the therapy. Team members are very supportive & qualified.